School Choice

Louisiana Voucher Test

November 28, 2012

  November 28th 2012, The Wall Street Journal Here’s the bizarre world in which we live: In 2007 Gabriel Evans attended a public school in New Orleans graded “F” by the Louisiana Department of Education. Thanks to a New Orleans voucher program, Gabriel moved in 2008 to a Catholic school. His mother, Valerie Evans, calls the voucher a “lifesaver,” allowing him to get “out of a public school system that is filled with fear, confusion and violence.” So what is the response of the teachers union? Sue the state to force 11-year-old Gabriel back to the failing school. This week a state court in Baton Rouge is hearing the union challenge to Louisiana’s Act 2, which expanded the New Orleans program statewide and allows families with a household income less than 250% of the federal poverty line to get a voucher to escape schools ranked C or worse by the state. Gabriel’s voucher covers $4,315 in annual tuition.…

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Vermont Superintendent Attacks School Choice

February 21, 2012

  John McClaughry | Bennington Banner An evil plot is afoot to pressurethe states to adopt “schoolchoice schemes,” according to onetime Rutland Northeast Superintendent William J. Mathis. He is currently a Shumlin appointee to the Vermont State Board of Education and managing director of the grandly named National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado. According to Mathis’s article “School Choice: What the Research Shows,” the centerpiece of the plot is the Obama administration’s pressure on states to create charter schools. Vermont is one of 13 states that do not authorize public charter schools, thanks to the surprisingly determined opposition of Gov. Howard Dean and, naturally,

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Alabama Education Association Fights School Choice

February 14, 2012

  Bob Kellogg | OneNewsNow A school-choice organization says the Alabama Education Association is pushing back against the effort to bring charter schools to the state and is asking taxpayers for millions of dollars for the failing public schools. Instead of establishing charter schools as an alternative for students and parents, the Association says it needs another $25 million to invest in failing schools. But given the state of the economy, Jeff Reed, state programs director at The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, does not understand how the AEA can take this position. “There are those in the educational establishment who want to maintain the status quo and simply beg for more money from American taxpayers,” he says. “I think in today’s current economic environment, we don’t have much more money to send that way.” A bill has been proposed to establish 50 charter schools throughout Alabama. However, Reed verifies that the AEA has consistently opposed every significant education…

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Unions Clash with Police Michigan