Wall Of Truth

In order to counter the “apartheid walls” used by hate groups to portray Israel as an apartheid state, the concept of the Wall of Truth was born. Now college campuses across the country are joining the campaign to fight against the lies of “apartheid walls” with the Wall of Truth. The hateful agenda of groups such as Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine as well as the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement must be countered and it starts here. To learn more about this David Horowitz initiative, check back for news and updates, visit the Wall of Truth website, and like us on Facebook.

• Wall of Truth website, www.wall-of-truth.org

• For the Philadelphia Freedom Center Facebook page, click here.

• Philadelphia Freedom Center College Antisemitism Video page, click here.


Palestinian Wall of Lies

GBTV Feature on Palestinian Wall of Lies

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